Monday, May 19, 2014

Some updates about EventStorming

Hi everybody. After a long silence I finally found some time to start writing again some content for this blog. Well, many things happened in the meanwhile in the EventStorming space, and I finally managed to find some time and discipline to start sharing our findings more effectively.

In the meanwhile, EventStorming found its way through word-of-mouth, twitter and conference workshops. But it’s looking like a web version of Fight Club: getting viral and secret at the same time. Maybe it’s time to make some change.

EventStorming Community/Mailing List

I’ve started a new public community on Google+: it’s called EventStormers. Here’s the link. I’ve chosen Google+ mostly for the look: our content is a lot more visual than other discussion groups, and I felt that Google+ was a good tool for that. I know there are some drawbacks too, but it’s working well, so far.

Some colleagues were already sharing content on the smaller private community called EventStorming Practitioners. Communities rules prevent me from turning the old one into a public one. So, members of the private community, which are ok with the idea of going public, will have to share their stuff again. That includes me too.

Writing some stuff

It’s no secret that I am planning to write something more than a blog post. EventStorming and Model Storming are tricky topics (and yes, I am aware that I haven’t published much about Model Storming and that many people are still confused about the two terms).

Telling the what might be relatively straightforward, but telling the why  and exploring the how can take ages. However, I finally acknowledged to focus on EventStorming for now, and I am working on readable content. Portions of it are actually making their own way to the blog.

But that’s the offer. I am writing about things I care and think that are worth sharing. But - as every blogger knows - I also write pushed by the urgency of a freshly learnt lesson. The drawback is that this is too much self-centred.

So I am asking your help.

If you are curious about EventStorming, please join the community and start asking questions, or maybe ask what you would like to know about EventStorming right here in the blog comments. I’ll do my best to share the answers I know, and find the ones I don’t.

Thanks everybody



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