Monday, November 23, 2009

Back from the Italian Agile Day 2009

I’ve seen skilled and curious colleagues. I’ve seen nice ideas emerge from different perspectives (more on this soon). I’ve met old friends and nice persons which I didn’t know and that I am now honored to know.

All this doesn’t happen everyday and everywhere.

Thanks to Marco Abis that every year make this magic happen. Thanks to everybody in the staff and to all friends from the Bologna XP Users Group, once more fantastic. Thanks to all the speakers, able to tell real stories without hype or fluff. Thanks to all the participants to my “talk show” sharing interesting ideas and thoughts. Thanks to the heroes that risked asphyxia to follow my Domain Driven Design mini-workshop.

Thanks also to Roberto Bettazzoni that reminded me what it means to be “Romagnolo”.

It has been a great day.

Thanks to everybody made it possible.

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