Friday, November 09, 2007

The unexpected side of being a freelance.

Some time ago, I switched my job turning into a real freelancer. This means more unpredictability, more risk, more freedom, and a lot more things to learn.

Since I want to offer my consulting and training services on the European market, not only in Italy, I needed to define some branding, that could be suitable for english speaking countries. My obvious choice was to stick on something like "Alberto Brandolini IT Consulting". Which sounds a little presumptuous per se, but also has some extra drawbacks. Given that it's pretty long, an acronymous could fit better. But if the result is A.B.I.T.C., you could end up with advertising like "I was not satisfied with the overall performance of my IT department, then we called ABITC, the result was impressive, and we've learned a lot".

Gotta find something better...

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