Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One year of blogging

I started this blog just one year ago. Time for a quick review.
  • I didn't get rich by blogging. My AdSense account registers 9 US dollars, which makes $ 0,75 a month, and globally a beer in a fashionable pub (or two in a crappy one). Wow.
  • I am still blogging, even if the last two months the rate of my postings dramatically decreased.
  • I had a ratio of one post per week, which is pretty good, considering how busy I am normally.
  • I haven't run out of ideas, instead I get a lot of good hints and ideas by checking the blogosphere.
  • Some of my friends, colleagues, and customers read my blog. Sometimes, also somebody I don't know. Not so many, but it's more than nobody.
From a statistical point of view, more interesting than the published articles, are the unpublished ones, and the reasons behind not publishing them.
  • A couple of them, simply had no point. Thought I had something smart to say, I wrote it and didn't sound that smart.
  • Some post were too personal. Publishing it would have meant shifting a "private" fact in public, or maybe violating a non-disclosure agreement with the customer. As a consultant, the most interesting things you can encounter are the one you are supposed not to talk about.
  • Some of them kept bouncing in my head but I had no time to write them down, then I simply lost the right time to talk about a topic, cause it wasn't hot anymore.
  • I also thought about starting a different blog, in Italian, about Software projects that simply don't work (there's plenty of them, especially in the public sector) but I though it wouldn't be that wise to attack beasts of that size without having a good lawyer behind.
I guess now I have a clearer idea about what blogging is all about. I am still wondering if blogging in English, instead of Italian, was the right choice. I think it just gives me more freedom and a bit less of sarcasm, which is something I often abuse, and generally makes me think about things from a different perspective, which is normally a good thing.

Ok, end of the plea. If anybody'reading this, I guess I can assume he or she is a reader. So deserves my deepest thanks for being able to stand my endless whine (sounds a bit like Green Day's "Basketcase"...).

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Luca said...

Happy birthday to your always interesting blog!
The post about communication paranoid sounds familiar to me...