Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Java Conference Afterthoughts

It took me quite a few time to recover from the Italian Java Conference. I was involved in a 3 hour seminar and a 45 minutes speech. Seminar’s title was “migrating applications from Delphi to Java”, while the short speech one was “Migrating development teams from Delphi to SUN Java Studio Creator”. The night before I met with Filippo Bosi and Giuseppe Madaffari, my co-speakers and with Mokabyte’s egghead Giovanni Puliti, to finalize the presentations. As expected, I went to sleep not before 3.00am. And woke up angry and disappointed 4 hours later.

Not so many people attended the seminar, probably because
  • you had to pay SUN 200€ for that

  • James Gosling was speaking in another conference hall
We had some troubles configuring my laptop with the projector, this made us lose some time which I tried to recover at the end… so we finished late. But then I was the first speaker of the afternoon, guess what? No lunch (I hate that). The smaller speech was unpredictably stuffed up with people, probably waiting for the following speech about XP and TDD, I suppose. I regretted shaping the slides in a too serious way for this one, while I had more funnier slides in our “private” performance. As a result the speech sounded a bit more boring than I wanted, but I really was too hungry and tired to add an extra verve to the speech.

After the speech (and the long awaited lunch) we hanged around the Mokabyte stand, where I bumped into Filippo Diotalevi, that was a speaker on the following day. He has been doing a lot of cool things since I knew him in BPM… chapeau!

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