Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dumbest sentences heard

I’ll mantain a list of the dumbest phrases I encountered in my job experience. If you recognize yourself in the author… I owe you a beer!

“Hi, I sent you an e-mail with three different version of the source enclosed. One of them actually works. Can you please deploy the right one in production, please?”

- a developer -

“Believe me, you do not want an integrated test environment: if something goes wrong you’ll never understand where the problem is…”

- a guy trying to deny the importance of the test environment they “forgot” to provide -

“We just discovered that we are 60 use cases late…”

- a project manager at a milestone meeting -

“Today’s standards are tomorrow obsolescences”

- a guy trying to justify the choice of a custom protocol instead of a standard one, on a large scale integration project -

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