Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting Domain Driven

Last weeks have been especially busy, so I wasn’t able to post that much. This doesn’t mean that nothing happened to me in the meanwhile...

In September I attended to Craig Larman’s Agile Project Management training, which I am supposed to take over in 2009, together with Allan Kelly, for Skills Matter.

Wasn’t it enough, in October I certified for Eric Evans’ Domain Driven Design class, which I just co-taught last week, together with Gojko Adzic, and Eric Evans himself. As the previous experience (where I acted as an active student), this one was also really pleasant and interesting at the same time. All of the people attending where somewhat special, and questions were really interesting and let us get quite a bit of their unique perspective too. When classes are that interesting it’s hard to say who learned most, but going home satisfied after a hard work, (and a couple of beers) is definitely rewarding.
Also, we started collaborating on the training material and structure, together with Hans Dockter, who'll be joining us as a trainer in 2009, in a very open and collaborative way. It's great to be part of such a team!

At the same time I started beating the drum of DDD also in Italy with my first article on the subject, which has been published by Mokabyte some days ago. Since DDD is one of the IT related topics that I found most interesting over these years, I am pretty excited about the whole matter. By the way, writing about DDD is also extremely challenging. Eric carefully weighted every single word in hs book, which is actually a careful distillation of DDD principles. My writing style is basically the opposite: I write a lot, I digress, I make a lot of (hopefully) funny examples just to make a small point. Maybe I'll be able to deliver the message, maybe not.
I am eager for feedback anyway ;-)
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