Monday, December 10, 2007

Back from the Rome Java Day 2007

… So I am back also from the Java Day, in Rome. It was my first time ever, there. And I was also a speaker (and obviously I was late with my slides…) so I feel like I missed quite a big part of it.

I followed Luca Garulli's presentation about the Roma Framework, which in some ways is a competitor of Grails (the subject of my speech) . Roma has some interesting features, like the built-in user profiling module, and a fancy Echo2 based web interface.

Even if I was dead hungry when I had my speech, I manage not to think about the food and to keep the speech reasonably enjoyable. Anyway, Grails is such an effective tool and full of good ideas that, even in a 10 minutes demo, the audience caught the tools potential, and getting to the end was a piece of cake.

This was one of the closing event, after that we went eating out with all the staff end the speakers in a typical restaurant nearby, and had some good time together. This made the perfect ending for a nice day: despite being a free event and basically based on volunteers the result was absolutely good (thanks to Mara and all the staff that made a hell of a job), with more than 1000 attendees this year.

By the way, presentations slides are already online, and mine can be downloaded here

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