Thursday, October 18, 2007

Enabling factors for Domain Driven Design

There was a nice follow up to an Eric Evans interview on InfoQ, which led to this interesting post by Chris Beams. I totally agree with Chris: when I first read about Domain Driven Design it sounded a lot like the good old OOP that I learned in the university (shall we call it GOOOP?), just a little bit more pragmatic and organized. However, J2EE forced developers to drop that pure OOP model (but I still suspect that pure OOP is not for the masses…) in favor of a heavy procedural model disguised as a J2EE architecture.

In the last years technologies such as Spring and Hibernate became mainstream, laying the ground for lighter architectures. More specifically Spring brought the POJO model to the services part of the architecture, while Hibernate enabled POJO representation for the Domain Model. Freed from many of the constraints of the J2EE platform, architects may now aim to the best possible representation of the model, which currently is represented by DDD.

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